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Academic writing is a particular style of expression whereby the writing is done be one scholar for another scholar. Academic writing is a formal method of writing where it uses the formal tones of the third person, and focuses on the topic other than the writer’s opinion. Academic writing can fit to all those people who are taking their studies or those who are planning to go for studies. Academic writing is focused on the topics or the problems that are related to the academic society. Academic writing should provide the reader with the required information. Before the writer thinks of going and do the research he should think of the specific topic he dealing with. The following are features of academic writing.


Academic writing is based on one line. The main purpose of the academic writing s to inform other than academic writing papers n to entertain the reader. It uses the standard language so as to be understood by the reader. The language used in the academic writing is used accurately and in a precise form.


In academic writing the language is more complex than in spoken language. The language has longer words which are more of nouns other than the verb based. The texts in academic writing are shorter and the grammar used is more complex. The main difference in academic writing is the grammar and not the vocabulary used in the writing.


Academic writing is more formal. This means that the writer should not use colloquial words and expressions.


Facts and figures in the academic writing should be presented in the simplest way possible.


The language in academic writing is more of objective rather than the writer’s point of view. The reader is not interested on what the writer thinks but wants to know what you have studied and how it has led you to the various conclusions you have made. It therefore emphasis on the information intended to be passed on to the reader rather than the personal opinion. Therefore academic writing uses nouns instead of verbs.


The relationship of the texts in the academic writing is explicit. The work of the writer in the academic writing is to make sure that the reader understands how the various parts in the academic writing are related.


The language and words in academic writing should be written accurately. It should be in a position to distinguish different words used in the academic writing e. g. “phonetics” and” phonology”. The correct word in academic writing should used e.g. “meeting” and “assembly”.


In most academic writing, the writer usually make decision about his stance on a particular subject. He stresses on the claims of his academic writing. Academic writing is all about bringing out the collected facts and information to the readers.


The writer in the academic writing should be responsible. This means that he should be in a position to provide evidence and justification for any claims that he makes. The writer should also be responsible for any source of information that he uses during the writing of the paper. This can be done by the use of summary and use of paraphrasing what he uses and so doing he should acknowledge the sources used to get information and ideas for the writing.

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