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The American Medical Association citation style is a writing style which students pursuing courses in medical and biology majors are required to use in writing their course assignments. Many students find it’s hard to use AMA citation Style appropriately.  Such students are in constant search of support and writing tips on how to write their assignments using AMA Citation style.

It is important for biological and medical students to write their papers using the AMA Citation Style for them to earn good marks.  Knowing how to write an academic paper using AMA citation style is very simple. What is required for a student is to know that AMA citation style is in many ways similar to MLA format, but, has some differing elements on a few specific aspects.

AMA citation style follows instructions guidelines when applying major sources of references.  The difference of AMA citation style and other writing format is very distinct.  In AMA Citation style, one should never use periods between initials in name notation. Instead, a student only uses initials for   the middle name and the first.  The last name is first noted down. There should be no comma to separate the initials from the first name whenever one is writing using AMA citation style.

When citing a book using the AMA citation style, it is similar to other writing formats  where the name of the author comes first, followed by the title of  the book, then  location,  then the name of  the publisher,  and finally the date of publication. When there is an editor for the book, the editing notation “eds” should be written. 

In citing a   specific chapter of a book when writing a paper using AMA Citation style, various requirements should be followed.  This is in the form of the name of the author, the title of the book, the book’s edition, and the editors if any, the location, the publishers, the date and the page where the idea is retrieved from.

For journal articles, AMA citation style requires that it should be referenced in the form of Name- Article Title, Title of publication, Date, Volume number and the page number. When there are several people who have authored a journal, a student can use the Latin phase “et al” to mean and others. When referencing online sources as you use the AMA citation style, it should be written in the manner of Name- Title of the web- serial online journal name – date- volume- pages – publisher – location – and the date it was accessed.

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