APA Style Papers/APA/American Psychology Association Style Papers

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An APA style paper is an academic paper which is written using specific rules and regulations that are set up by the American Psychological Association (APA). Instructors who teach students in the subjects of behavioral sciences as well as those studying social sciences papers are asked to be conversant with the APA style papers. The APA style papers are aimed at creating a simple way of presenting points and ideas in the overall APA style paper such that the reader is able to get the concept at a glance.

The APA style paper is usually written in a flowing consistence manner such that the ideas are fluent. Fluency as well as coherence is quite important in any academic work as most instructors award higher grades to APA style papers which have some sort of order. Therefore, for a student to compile an APA style paper, they should be ready to carry out extensive research on the topic or area under study.

The APA style paper has a distinct format in that it must include a title page where the details of the student are included and it is not counted as part of the total number of pages required for the APA style paper. The main body of the APA style paper starts with an abstract which gives a brief summary of the details included in the APA style paper. After the abstract comes the introduction which encompasses major definitions which are part of the APA style paper.

The body of the APA style paper which contains the discussion of the major points follows and this part gives clear details of the research topic or questions which are posed by the instructor. An APA style paper is never complete without including a conclusion which provides a brief summary of the total ideas discussed in the text of the APA style paper.

The general format of APA style papers requires that the entire APA paper should be double-spaced and each page holds a maximum of two hundred and seventy five words which is the standard. No blank spaces are left in between paragraphs in an APA style paper while a margin of one inch is set aside for each side of the APA style paper. The headings should then be written using the title case such that they appear distinct from the other APA style paper. The references are written in an indented manner such that subsequent sources in an APA style paper are clearly distinguished form each other.

Information required to complete an APA style paper is usually obtained from sources which are specified by the lecturer. However, as the APA style paper is academic, the sources of information must also be academic. The various sources of information are cited together with the exact information obtained from the source for the APA style paper. The authors surname and the year of publication are often sources are used to indicate the source in the body of the APA style paper.

The abstract, introduction and conclusion are void of any citations as they are mostly made up of the writer’s opinions as well as a summary of key points which are discussed in the APA style paper. At the end of the APA style paper, the bibliography of the various sources is written as a way of eliminating plagiarism in the APA style paper.

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