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In book review writing, the work should be typewritten in five double spaced. The work should be in the standard font. The book to be reviewed should be a secondary source and not a primary source. The book to be reviewed should contain bibliography and footnotes to indicate the references.

A book review is the evaluation of a text, event, object, or phenomenon. Book reviews can be written from books, articles, exhibitions, art, entire genres, performance and several other forms. Book review is the presentation of what students have read. The way of presentation is the one which mostly influences the reader’s assumption.

The writer of the book review should bear in mind that the reader knows nothing about the book and therefore, he should be able to convince the reader. Let the reader have the interest and take the book to read for him.

Each student is required to write a book review essays as part of his academic course work. Another name of book review is the literary book review. In writing a book review, the student or the writer needs to be extremely careful. This is because the book review papers are not like the book reports. The writer of the book review should read the whole book to be reviewed and understand it. He should be able to know the requirements of the assigned work and be committed to his work.

Most of the students encounter hard times when writing their book reviews. Every tutor must have his own requirement in the assignment. Therefore, the student needs to know the requirement of the work before writing book reviews. Good book review should be the one which covers all the requirements of the tutor. Most of the students buy book review custom paper. Many students find it difficult to write their own book review papers. They opt to buy book review term papers.

Finding the company which will write a good book review is the biggest worry for each student. This is because he should make sure that the writing company is able to meet all the tutors’ requirements. The writer should pay attention to the needs of the assignment and present it accordingly. Some of the tutors may require, the student to write a book review on a single book. Others may allow students to select the book of their choice to write a review on it. Therefore, the writer should consider a lot of things that should be followed.

It is of importance for the writer to be flexible in his book review writing. A book review is a subjective essay that tries to analyze the themes, ideas, and events that the author wrote in the book. The writer may also want to write a book review which compares to different works of the same author.

The main aim in book review writing is the understanding of the tutor’s requirements. Here, the writer needs to do a serious research about the author and what were his intentions when writing the book.

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