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Business Reports

Any literary pieces meant for communication of information related to business are termed as a business report. Information contained in business reports is supposed to help managers and other stakeholders such as investors to make decisions related to business. The business reports can also be used to help in understanding of business concepts.

Business reports are not only used in business realms, but they can also get used in academic assessment within institutions. In such cases students are asked to prepare business reports or assess and provide an analytical view of specific business reports. These assignments may be used a summative or informal assessment, both meant to assess a student’s understanding of business concepts and ideas taught within the curricula.

Basically, business reports contain exclusively business related information. Business reports have differences that arise from the fact that they present different content in different formats. Business papers may also take different forms, especially; within academic circles. These forms may include research business reports, term papers, essays, business thesis analysis paper-just to mention but a few.

Unlike informal business articles which appear on dailies and business magazines, business reports have a detailed touch of production and writing. The basic requirement in business reports is that the assertions and claims within the papers should have some substantiating proof and not empty claims or assertions. As such business reports should be accompanied with references and it should be written after the conduction of an extensive research on the topic that is highlighted within the business paper.

Business reports should thus contain content that can be supported by referral material. Business reports in academic realm are taken as a form of academic papers. As such they should be written with great care and keenness to avoid errors in grammar and format. The content within a business report should be original and non-plagiarized so as to earn a score on originality.

The format of business reports may take the form of any other academic report. The sections are sub-divided according to what they present. The first section of the report should contain the cover sheet that details the author, date and name of report as well as institutional affiliation. The second section should contain an introductory summary that details the issues to be covered within the report. This section should be followed by the thesis statement of the business report that states the beliefs, assumptions made and hypotheses postulated by the writer/researcher writing the report.

This section should be followed by the literature review section that details related and similar literature and how it is related to the issues covered within the business report.  The next section forms the main body of the essay and this offers a detailed discussion of the ideas and concepts covered. Within this section the argument is presented clearly and a conclusion drawn.

Finally, the business report is concluded by a conclusion section. This section details all that was highlighted within the paper, but in a short and brief form. It re-analyses decisions and conclusions reached and offers final insight on the conclusions. These are the sections that should appear in any business report for it to be termed as a complete business report. The references section is also necessary in any business report so as to offer evidence of substantiation of the sources used in the secondary and primary researches conducted.

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