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Editing is a term used in academic circles to refer to the aspect of eliminating any form of errors from academic papers and essays. Editing could also be used to refer to altering the original context of an essay so hat it fits into the new dimension by making changes which improve its quality. Editing may take various forms dependent on the nature of work at hand and the proposed changes resulting into high or poor quality work.

One type of editing that is quite common is elimination or reducing the number of errors in an essay. The nature of errors could be grammatical such as errors in spelling where some words or phrases are mispelt. Consequently, grammatical errors which may require editing include improper use of punctuation marks in a sentence such that the marks are either missing or placed in the wrong place. Punctuation marks often increase the cohesive nature of the sentences making up the essay such that inaccurate positioning may alter the original meaning thus making the sentence or phrase meaningless.

Similarly, grammatical errors due to mispelt words can be edited by changing the problem to reflect the true spelling of the word. This may include rereading the entire paragraph and incorporating the right word so as to reduce chances of altered meaning. Errors in sentences may lead to great damage to the paragraph as the original meaning or concept is distorted hence with adequate editing the error is removed and the paragraph reinstated.

Another error that may require editing services is poor sentence structure especially in sentences depicting chronological concepts. That may be disastrous if not corrected in time as lack of flow of words tend to depict a low caliber and poor writing skills on the side of the student thus the need to carry out sufficient editing on the work.

Poor sentence structures often distort the ability to enact accurate transition of sentences which is an important aspect of essay writing. The nature of editing regarding sentence transition is adjusting or modifying the first sentence in each paragraph, as well as the last sentence at the end of each paragraph to ensure that one introduces the concept while the other concludes the item while introducing the next item.

Editing also involves removing errors which occur in the course of typing an essay or academic paper. Such include presence of unexplained spaces in the text such as between words or in the paragraph breaks.  Other errors may be unwanted letters or words in the text which have no basis on the essay thus occupy space yet distort the meaning of the sentence they are found in.  Removal of such errors is helpful to an academic paper as more space and sense is drilled into the essay. Unnecessary spaces in the body of the text may result in low quality essays while their removal yields high quality essay hence the essence of editing on the essay.

Another equally significant area of modification is in the writing style adopted by the writer. Certain essay require various forms of writing styles being incorporated or used such that the instructor may ask the student to make the necessary changes in the essay in the format.

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