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An essay is a   short piece of work that is written from the author’s perspective. An essay can be a literary criticism used to criticize a certain piece of work. Also  an  essay  can be  abs  argument Students  find  it  difficult  to  write  an  argumentative  essay. Also, the  students   find  it  hard  to  write  an essay  criticizing  a  piece  of work.

There  are  various  factors  that  make  it  difficult   for students  to  write a good  essay. First, the  students  do  not  have  the  right  material  to  use  when  writing  essays. The  students  are  supposed  to  use  secondary  and  primary  sources  when  writing  essays. In addition, the  students  do  not  have  the  right  skills  to  develop  an  essay. Most  students  lack exposure  in  essay  writing  and  this  affects  the quality  of  essay. Students  have  no  enough  time  to  write  essays  as  they   have  to  balance  their  academics  and   other  activities. This  has  forced  students  to  look  for  help  from  firms  that  write   essays.

The students  are  motivated by  various  things  to  get  an  essay  from  custom  writing companies. First, the students  are  assured  of  getting  a good  essay  because  the  custom  writing  companies  have  enough  resources. Also, the  students  are  motivated by  the   quality  of  the  essay  to  buy  essay  from custom writing  companies. The   custom writing companies have enough time to prepare an essay well.

A custom writing company should have various qualities so as write quality essays. The custom writing company should be able to write quality essays. The quality of an essay deadens on several factors. The quality  of  an  essay  depends  on  the  grammar  and  absence  of  any  plagiarism. Also, the  quality  of  an  essay  depends  on  how  the  essay  is  organized custom  writing  company  should be  able  to   write  an  essay  that  does not  have  grammatical mistakes. This  is  because  grammatical  errors  affect  the  quality  of  an  essay.

Also, the  custom writing  company  should  write  essays  that  are  free  from any  plagiarism. Plagiarism affects the quality of the essay. Instructors   grade students work according to the quality. Students who submit low quality essays get low grades. The  custom writing  company  should be able  to  guarantee  students  good  results by  producing quality  essays.

In addition, the custom writing company should   employ the right essay writers. The  essay  writers  should  be  able  to  write  argumentative  essays   and  other  essays. The writers should be able to write essays on different subjects.

Students taking different degree courses order   different essays. For example, the students    can order   a business essay, law essay or nursing essay. The  writer  should  be  capable  of  writing  essays  that  meet  students  requirement. The company should ensure the essay writers have different degrees. For instance, the   essay writers should have masters and   undergraduate degrees. This will enable the company serve different types of claimants. The writers  should be  able  to  follow  the  right  steps  when  writing  argumentative   essay. The argumentative essay should have an introduction, body and conclusion. Also, the  essay  should be  referenced  correctly  so  as  to  make  its  content  valid.

The custom writing company should provide essays on time. The  company  should  ensure  students  get  good  grades  by  submitting quality  essay  on  time. This  will  in turn  help  the  student  submit  his  or  her work  on  time, hence  good  performance. The custom writing company should have an online support system to serve   clients well.

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