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Healthcare papers are literary pieces written within the medical field, and they highlight various aspects within the medical field. Healthcare papers are scientific in nature, and as such they should be written in a scientific style. Healthcare papers are written for the sake of academic evaluation or publication within healthcare journals.

It is only through and clear writing that research findings can be translated into proper clinical practice so as to help the community and patients in particular. The writing of healthcare papers presents new research findings and ideas within the medical field and thus providing an avenue through which old and new ideas can be tested and proved to avoid dogmatism and stagnation.

The healthcare papers also present ideas on how the findings within them can be translated to clinical practice in order to help the patients and provide up to date healthcare. The role played by scientific healthcare research papers is important because it helps in the translation of research into clinical practice.

Maintaining clarity that clearly shows how the research activity was conducted is of great importance for the medical practitioners as well as the research community that may wish to replicate the same research. Healthcare papers helps practitioners appreciate the development of concepts within the research paper and later judge how the results may be applicable to the healthcare setting.

Hints for writing healthcare papers

Reviewers and editors generally look for clarity, brevity and validity. The writing of scientific healthcare papers has always adopted the IMRAD structure. This structure of writing healthcare papers has four basic sections that answer the following questions:  What is being covered (Introduction)? What was done (Methodology)? What was found out (results/ findings)? What do the results/findings mean (analysis and discussion)?  These are the main sections of the structure as mapped out in the IMRAD structure. These sections also include some other minor and complementing sections within healthcare papers such as the title, abstract, acknowledgements, keywords and references. These parts form the characteristic features of a healthcare paper.

The first section in the healthcare papers is introduction offers the background information of the healthcare papers, and it also contains the thesis statement which helps focus the research as well the main subject of the paper. This section is followed by the literature sub-section that also highlights similar research based literary pieces that contain related information upon which the basis of the research was set.

The next section in healthcare papers is the methodology section. This section highlights the method that was used in reaching the results that were obtained. This section is followed by the results/ findings section that outlines the raw un-interpreted results that were obtained. The results are followed by an analysis and discussion section that carries out tests of significance on the data to determine the significance. After the analysis a discussion is briefly made that states what the results of the analysis signify and their importance or relevance. If there were theories postulated in the introductory section, they are either proved right or wrong in this section.

The final section of healthcare research papers is the conclusion section. This section of healthcare papers presents the significance of the results of the whole research to the medical fields. It also tries to explain the possible implications and applications of the results. If theories and assumptions are disapproved or approved, this section tries to explain why those results were obtained.

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