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A literature review is the description of the work that has been published on a given research topic. A literature review mainly focuses on the scholarly articles and books. A literature review can have some essential chapter of thesis or dissertation. The literature review does not present new primary scholarship. The following are the contents of a literature review.

Find Models

The writer should look in other literature reviews in his area of study so as to get information or the idea which he can use during the research period or the method he can use in the organization of his final literature review. The writer can use the word literature review along side with his topic in the search of similar articles in the electronic database.

Narrow the Topic

In the area of study, the writer can come along many articles and books hence unable to write a good literature review. He should narrow down the topic so as to make it easier for him to get the required sources of getting the information. This will enable him to construct a good literature review.

Source of Information

Most of research work requires that the researcher to use the most current source of information. The writer should try to read on the most current literature reviews so as to get the recent information which will help him to come up with a good literature review of his work.

Problem Formulation

The writer should base his literature review on a certain problem. The problem formulation should not be based on the position or an opinion but should rather be focused on a certain material fact.

Literature Search

The search will help the writer to identify his scope and key issues to be included in the literature review. A good search will help the writer to know the authors who are specialism and those who are generalist’s in his work. It also helps him to know the authors who he will consider in his literature review so as not to contradict his ideas. The literature review should be organized in simple format. The thesis statement of the literature review found should be used argue for a particular perspective on the material.

Evaluation of Findings

For one to come up with a good literature review, it’s not an easy task. The writer needs to go through the research as many times as possible so as to understand well. It’s advisable for the reader to read the easier articles first so as to be familiar with the area of his study. Put down the key points that you think they will, be of help in the contraction of you literature review.

Analysis of the Literature Review

After getting the main ideas in each article read, the writer should identify the methods used to come up with the literature review. Compare the different work made by other authors so as to have a good understanding. Allow enough time of making your research before building on the literature review.


One can use different approaches in organizing his literature review.

Introducing the research question

Outline the organization of the paper in the literature review

Narrow the research questions

Describe the studies in details

Compare and evaluate studies

Discuss the implications of the literature review studies

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