MLA Style Essay Writing/MLA style guide

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Students pursuing different courses in the university are required to write MLA style papers. Writing MLA style papers is not easy for some students as they do not have the right skills to do so.  Students lack organization skills and research skills and this affects the quality of papers they write negatively. In addition, the students are not familiar with the format of MLA style papers and the steps to follow when writing MLA style papers. MLA style papers have different parts like other papers and students should be aware of the parts when writing their papers. MLA style papers have an introduction. In the introduction section students are required to provide a background of the research topic.  The introduction should be well developed so as top attract the attention of the reader. The student should also include a thesis statement   in the introduction and also state the objective of the MLA style papers.  Students write different kinds of MLA style papers and so they should identify the aim of the MLA paper before proceeding to complete the other section.

Apart from having an introduction, MLA style papers have a discussion section.  Writing the discussion section for an MLA style paper is not easy and students should carry out enough research.  The discussion section should be divided into various sections so as to enable the reader understand the MLA style papers. The sections should be coherent and the content of the MLA style papers should be well organized. The organization and coherency of the paper affects its quality.  So, students should ensure the papers are well structured to improve the quality of the paper and their grade.  Students should support the different sections of MLA style papers with the right material. Students can use secondary and primary materials to write the content of the paper. The sections should be supported using strong points only.  In addition, the main points highlighted in the discussion area should be supported with examples so as to make the arguments valid.

Moreover, MLA style papers should have a conclusion. The conclusion of MLA style papers is a summary of the paper.  Students should summarize main points in the paper when writing the conclusion. They should also restate the thesis statement when writing the conclusion. Restating the conclusion enables the reader determines what the paper is about. Also, they should make recommendations where necessary. Instructors ask students to recommend about certain issues and students should give recommendations and solutions to the problems being discussed.

Further, MLA style papers should have a reference list and in text citations written according to MLA style guide. The reference list should be written according to MLA style. The references should begin with the last name of the author followed by the first name and middle name.  This is according to MLA style guide. After that the student should include the year of publications and the place of publication. The title of the book should also be included. The in text citations should also be written according to MLA style guide. The in text citation should include the last name of the author and year of publication. The in text citation should also have a last name and page numbers. The reference list should be arranged in an alphabetical order and page numbers included.

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