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Movie review is a way of writing that the writer expresses his opinion on the movie. The purpose of the movie review is to entice the reader to watch, buy or rent a movie. The movie review gives details about the movie so that thee reader can be able to make informed decision. Movie review writing is a labor intensive activity that involves series of steps to come up with a great movie review. Below are guidelines and tips for writing a good movie review paper;

The first step in movie review is to watch a movie. To be able to concentrate on the movie watch it in a relaxed and familiar environment .To compose a movie review watch the movie several times this helps to absorb alot more in details about the movie. The movie should be interesting and thrilling to the writer so as to be able to write a good movie review. In this stage of movie review the writer usually takes notes as he watches the movie.

In movie review the writer should give his own opinion about the movie. This is very important in the movie review as they can express what they enjoyed or disliked in the movie. In this point of movie review the writer should be careful to give impartial details so as to give the reader a chance to make their mind. In the movie review the opinions are explained to allow the reader determine whether they agree or disagree with the writer. In movie review it is important to use first person, supported by detailed explanation of the genre, actors, editing devices and the shots in the movie.

In movie review writing consider the audience. The writer of the movie review should write a movie review that touches and reaches the intended audience. The audience should take into the consideration. The audience can be the general public reading the newspaper or group of movie buffs. In addition the movie review writing for children is quite different from that of movie club.

The next step in movie review writing is the outline. In movie review it requires imagination and a lot of creativity. This shows the general information on the movie review. Ensure to give the outline of the movie and not the essential details of the movie. The movie review body shows the details.

In the movie review the actors should also be mentioned too. A good movie review contains also information on the previous achievements of the actors as well as their success in their current work. The writer also mentions how well the actor acted in the movie.

Movie review should be having details. This includes the film structure, cinematography and lighting, music, camera works. In the movie review writing stress on the visual design and special effects used more so if the movie review is about the modern film.

The last stage in movie review is proof reading and editing. The writer should read and check the movie review thoroughly. This is because a good movie review depends on accuracy, proper writing, punctuation, and the language flow.

In conclusion, it is evident that to come up with a good movie review is not that difficult task but the writer of the movie review must ensure to follow the above mentioned steps so as to achieve this.

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