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Essays are commonly administered as evaluation tools that help lecturers and tutors both in universities and middle level colleges as well as lower level institutions as assessment tools in both an informal and summative context. Essays are not long literary pieces and their shortness does not require extensive research, but rather a simple expression of personal ideas and opinions that are held and presented in the view of the writer to the reader.

As such essays should be original because the ideas of two authors of two pieces of essays can never be the same under any circumstances. As a result of this condition most institutions, especially those of higher learning; require any student to strictly submit only a non-plagiarized essay for evaluation. A non-plagiarized essay earns a higher score due to the originality of its content.

Therefore, originality is very essential in the writing a non-plagiarized essay. Most students are tempted to copy the work of other authors and submit it for evaluation as a non-plagiarized essay. However, this ends up earning them a lower score and grade due to penalties of score reduction or a total nullification of their work. Students are advised to research and study extensively so as understand taught concepts and ideas so that they can be able to write non-plagiarized essay out this understanding.

This understanding helps them to integrate the obtained ideas to real life situations and case studies, and in the process they are able to come up with ideas that they can express as their own in their own personal language and view. The use of these ideas in developing an academic essay helps in increase the probability of producing a non-plagiarized essay.

A non-plagiarized essay should basically have no content from another author’s work that is lifted and placed into the work of any essay writer who happens not to be the original author of the work. This copy paste act introduces an original content into an essay, and thus making it a plagiarized essay because it lacks originality. A student’s non-plagiarized essay should not contain any content that is directly copied from another author’s work.

Direct copying can be done in a non-plagiarized essay, however; certain protocols have to be followed. Firstly, directly copied work should be limited to a few sentences which could form a short paragraph.  This work should be placed in quotes and the appropriate in-text citation appreciating the work from which the material is obtained should be included. This is the only way direct copying can be applied in a non-plagiarized essay. Another way of writing a non-plagiarized essay whilst using other authors’ work includes the use of paraphrasing techniques.

The writer is allowed to put the work of another author in to his own words by paraphrasing. However; in order for the essay to be termed as a non-plagiarized essay, the author has to make in-text citations as well as reference the used work within the list of references so as to avoid plagiarism accusations. Any students unable to write a non-plagiarized essay should not be worried because there are plenty of online writing service providers that offer non-plagiarized essay writing services. These companies offer online essay writing services and they produce customized, non-plagiarized essays that are sold to clients at a fee.

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