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Citations in the oxford style paper are done using the superscript number, generally at the end of a sentence. When ever information or ideas from the sources are discussed in the oxford style paper this kind of citation is used with corresponding footnotes. Sources of information on oxford style paper include books, journals, reports news papers, radios, interviews and televisions.

Information from the internet must be acknowledged when writing oxford style papers and it should be in text and detailed in the footnotes. Superscript numbers are placed at the end of a sentence in oxford style paper rather than immediately after the words to which they refer. Oxford style paper does use the British English other than American English.

In oxford style paper footnotes and end notes are used for all citations used in the paper. Bibliography which shows the details of each source and probably other sources of materials used in the collection of in formation are also includes in the citation of the oxford style paper.

When writing up an oxford style paper, one should not use apostrophe when creating plurals. They include names, abbreviations, numbers, and words that are not nouns. In oxford style paper confusion can come as a result of words or letters being used to refer objects other than their meaning, in most cases when the pronunciation is not clear. In this case the words in the oxford style papers are italicized or written in quotes and the letter s set in roman outside any closing quote.

The introduction in the oxford style paper should be clear and should be put in the first few lines. It should give out the background information of the work.

In oxford style paper the best time to put up the title is when you are through with you writing. The title must be brief and to the grammar.

Oxford style paper do use the use the two types of quotation marks. The single and double marks can be used in the oxford style papers. The single quotation is used to enclose quoted matter while the double quotation marks are used to quote quotation within a quotation in an oxford style paper. When a quotation is nested in an oxford style paper in the second one the mark should be either reverted.

Standardization of spelling in the oxford style paper should not be done or any other form change in punctuation so a t oxford style papers o bring out a proper meaning. If the quote in the oxford style paper is more than 30 words the writer can leave out the quotation marks, and start the quote on a new line and indenture the quote about 10 mm from the left-hand page margin.

In oxford style papers the writer can cite the primary author using a superscript number if the source of information that he has used in the oxford style paper were from another author different from the source of the information.

In oxford style papers the documentation note uses bibliography method of referencing other than the reference list.

The oxford style paper should be discussed in a way that the points are interpreted and compared with the results. The purpose of the conclusion in the oxford style paper is to put the interpretation into the context of the original problem. In most cases with other papers the summary is of no help but in the oxford style paper it brings out the main points.

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