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In recent times, there has been a rise in the number of companies that provide online essay writing services. Some of the companies that have come up do not provide legitimate essay writing services as they are only interested in making money by taking advantage of unsuspecting students. These companies put the students’ career at risk by failing to provide legitimate writing services. Some of these companies provide poorly researched papers, others present papers with too many grammatical mistakes while there others that offer highly plagiarized papers. The online nature of the writing business has made it difficult for students to identify legitimate essay writing services from those that are not. However, there are several tips that can help you to identify legitimate writing services.

One way in which you can determine legitimate writing service from those that are not is to conduct background research about a company before placing an order with the company. There are many sites that can provide with information concerning genuine sites that offers legitimate writing services and those that are out to defraud students.

The second way of identifying legitimate writing services is by assessing the reputation of the company. A company that offers legitimate writing services maintains a good reputation among the previous clients. Most students that have used legitimate writing services are likely to go back to the same company for services because they are guaranteed of the reliability of the services. You can therefore find out which are the legitimate writing services from friend and other students who have had prior experiences.

It is also easy to identify legitimate writing services based on the sample writing that are contained in the company’s websites. Every company that claims to provide legitimate writing services maintains an archive where you can access sample writings from the company. You can use these samples to assess the quality of services that you should expect from a particular company.

Legitimate writing services are largely determined by the kind of writers that a company has. A genuine writing company should have writers who are well educated, experienced and committed to helping the students meet their writing objectives. The sample writings will tell you a lot about the kind of writers that a particular company has.

How a company prices it services may also indicate whether the company offers legitimate writing services or its one of the scam sites that are out to take advantage of students. Legitimate writing services should be reasonably priced. Company that offer exaggerated prices for their services do not advance the best interest of the students and therefore such companies raise a lot of questions.

Similarly, a company that offers unreasonably low prices for it papers does not offer legitimate writing services. This is because getting qualified and competent writers to complete the students work usually requires a considerable amount of money.  This implies that company that charge unreasonably low prices have comprised the quality of writers in order to lower the prices to levels that will attract more students. You can also determine whether a company provides legitimate writing services based on the customer support system of the company. Companies that offer legitimate writing services should provide customer support services that are easily accessible and available at all times.

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