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Report writing is a task that is carried out by students and other learners in the formal institutions of leaning. Report writing is the presentation of findings and results that are obtained after conducting research on topics or elements of the subject under discussion.

Report writing as an activity in the world of academia requires the student to incorporate certain skills and professional attributes of report writing to the entire paper in order to reap more grades. This paper looks at the various skills that are incorporated into writing reports be it laboratory reports, academic trip reports and internship reports after having taken par in each of the activities.

The student should be knowledgeable in the task or less they should take part in the active data collection such that if the student was to write a report on their industrial attachment program, they must have been there. This entails reliving of the activities which were carried out during the trip or laboratory sessions that are carried out as practical applications of the theory learnt in class.

The report writing tasks are often recurrent in that several groups of students usually carry them out in the course of their learning. Therefore, the lecturers are conversant with the aspects of each including the various items to be included in the report. This also incorporates the extent to which the student should indicate the procedures and results which were obtained in line with the objectives. Therefore, false information and details which are not related to the report writing task should not be included as the lecturer will most probably pick the out as irrelevant.

The report writing task requires use of third person and thorough knowledge of the passive voice which is widely recommended for report writing. Consequently, report writing is often regarded as an explanation of the events which took place some time back hence use of past tense is acceptable especially as the writer will be reporting on the activities which he/she took part.

Report writing involves various sections of the entire paper such as development of a good title which reflects on the key activity that was carried out. This follows in line with the establishment of a section that outlines the objectives and goals of the task, as well as, events which took place. There follows a list of the requirements or materials which were used to collect data and the venue where the data collection took place. The requirements could include microscopes for a biology lab report and the quality analysis factory as the venue of the chemistry industrial attachment report.

The procedures which were involved in during the lab session or the attachment are outline in the report writing while the student has to ensure that they set a side a section for the tabulation of data. These could be part of the procedure or main activities as the report writing task has its focal point on the results of the report writing activity. Hence the information should be well laid out followed by a careful analysis or discussion of the results.

Finally after the results are discussed, a conclusion is given with the student declaring their stand as per the results and their relationship wit the objectives of the lab session or attachment. These parts define the standard outline for report writing which is recommended for most reports in the learning institutions.

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