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Social Science Papers

Social science papers present arguments related to the social science field of study. The arguments do not need to be wildly controversial in order to deserve to be called arguments. A well written social science paper presents an argument by simply stating a specific position and supporting it with substantiating evidence in a logical and clear manner.

Social science papers should start with an introductory section. This section in social science papers presents the background information that forms the basis of the social science paper. This is a section that should offer background information that is narrowed and specific to the content within the social science paper. However, most students err when writing social science papers by giving an account that is too general and wide when making their introduction by offering too much and irrelevant background information.

Proper writing of science papers should offer a focused account of the introduction so as to help the readership narrow in on the topic under highlight. The introduction should basically give the general structure of the paper and also offer a general claim that constitutes the thesis statement. The thesis statement serves to focus and narrow the scope of the social science papers by specifically stating what is to be covered within the paper. It should be a statement that can be supported by substantiating evidence.

The thesis statement may take the form of a question whose answer is supposed to be addressed by the content of the essay. Evidence in support of the thesis statement within the introduction is dedicated to the main body of the social science papers. This evidence may take various forms and may be presented in different ways. These forms may include facts, stories, figures, and theories or through anticipation and refuting of possible counter arguments that may be presented.

There are three important aspects to consider when presenting the evidence that substantiates the thesis statement. Firstly, the evidence should be clearly in support of the thesis. Secondly, writers of social science papers should ensure that they are able to show how the evidence supports the thesis statement. Thirdly, the presentation of the evidence should be clear and well ordered in a manner that can help the readers understand the substance of the presented evidence.

The writers should also be able to present well the context or bigger picture of the social science papers, by vividly explaining how the presented content may be useful in the society. Significance of the argument should be presented in this case. Organization within social science papers is essential because it provides the guideline through which the social science papers will be mapped.

We organized arguments are easier for readers to follow through and comprehend the presented arguments. The writers of social science papers should use their introduction section as a basis to map out the outline of their social science papers. Well social science papers should also have correct grammatical writing and they should be written the appropriate and recommended writing styles. This is an important factor because the presence of grammatical and punctuation errors may detract the argument within the social science papers.

Social science papers should also have a list of references or works cited and proper in-text citations that show where the author obtained his/her sources to avoid lack of originality or cases of plagiarism.

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