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Social science papers are papers that are argumentative in nature. An argument just states a position and then places support in it with a clear evidence. Good social science papers should be in a position to bring out clearly the intended objectives that the writer intended to pass through. All social science papers are formal in nature. Social science papers do follow some logic steps.


In writing social science papers the writer must have the reason for writing it. Thesis is the reason or the statement that pushes the writer to write the paper. It expresses the writes argument. Good social science papers writers should be in a position to support their arguments with logic evidence.


This is the development of the writer’s argument. Evidence in social science papers are the support of the argument or the evidence of the paper. Evidence in the social science papers can be in different forms. These forms can be theories, facts, figures, stories, and refuting counter-arguments.

The following are key points in presenting evidence in social science papers.

  • The evidence should support the argument or the thesis.
  • Put it clear to the reader how the evidence supports the argument.
  • The presentation of the evidence in all social science papers should be well organized.

 Some arguments in social science papers are more difficult in defending a thesis than others. Anticipating arguments are more difficult than facts and theories. The following should be considered when using counter argument in social science papers.

  • Think of an alternative explanation.
  • What evidence does the alternative have?
  • Does the evidence exist?

The writer should avoid logical fallacies in the social science papers since they can make the paper weak. The argument used in the social science papers should provide evidence for the thesis. A good argument should be based on reasons and not to personal consideration.


The context of all social science papers is the whole idea of the paper. It helps the reader of the paper to come up with the possible application of the whole ideas in the real life situation. A good context in the social science papers should not be broad. It should be specific in nature rather than the general one.

Grammar and Style

Writers of social science papers should consider the usage of grammar and the styles. Use of poor grammar does bring a lot of mistakes in social science papers that do make the argument of the writer not to fit to the thesis.

Citations and bibliography should be considered in social science papers. They do help the reader to know where the writer got the evidence and if the evidence is used properly in the writing of the social science papers.

Citations and bibliography in social science papers should use MLA, APA and Chicago format of styles.

Organization Model

Social science papers should have a clear organization so as to present its argument in a correct way. All social science papers should have an introduction, body, and the conclusion.

The introduction in social science papers should not be too general. The introduction should include a general introduction, thesis statement, the main points to be written in the social science papers, and hints about the context.

The body of all social science papers is the part that has the evidence. The order of presenting the evidence should follow the hints.

The last part of social science papers is the conclusion. This is where the writer brings out the application of the argument presented in the paper.


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