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A turabian style paper is any academic, literary work written in the Turabian writing style. The Turabian writing style for turabian style papers was developed by Kate, L. Turabian, a secretary at the University of Chicago. The Turabian writing style is used in the writing of Turabian styled papers for theses, term papers, essays and dissertation/discussions. The style was developed from the Chicago writing style. However, it differs from the Chicago writing style because it is used for work that is not meant for publishing. Thus, any turabian style paper avoids details of an academic piece of work that pertains to publishing.

The Features of a Turabian Style Paper

The turabian writing style and turabian style papers simplify referencing by the use of numbers that denote the references in the form of footnotes and endnotes. The shortened form of subsequent references in a turabian style paper makes work easier for the writer. This is because it allows the writer to dedicate more time to writing rather than concentrating on referencing.

A turabian style paper format should have double spaced lines with a one inch borderline along its margins. Turabian Style paper quotations containing at least five lines (Block quotations) should be single spaced, indented and separated from the rest of the text by blank lines at the top and bottom of the text. All turabian style paper pages should be numbered at the top right corner of the page whereas; the first page of the text should be numbered on the bottom, centre part of the page. The bibliographies and notes in a turabian style paper should be single-paced within an entry and double-spaced between different entries.

A turabian style paper always begins with a title page that contains details of the writing. These details include the title of the turabian style paper, course number/title, name of writer, tutor and date. The title page in a turabian style paper should be followed by a blank page. A turabian paper typed on a word processor should not right-hand justification. All numbers in a turabian style paper that fall below one hundred or start a sentence should be spelled out in words.

The citation in a turabian style paper follows the order of author, title, place of publication, publisher, date of publication, and page number/s. This order should be used for any first citation in a turabian style paper. Subsequent citations from the same source should only use the author’s name and new page in any turabian style paper. If the author remains the same and the source changes, then a short title of the new source and author’s name should be used. This first full citation in a turabian style paper should be followed by a sentence that explains how thereafter, the citation will be shortened. In turabian style papers, the use of primary sources is encouraged while; the use of secondary sources should be minimized.

In text citations, in any turabian style paper, are referred by footnotes (at the bottom of the page they are used on) or endnotes (at the end of the turabian style paper). The superscript key is used in the insertion of superscript Arabic numerals for reference in the turabian style paper. These footnotes and endnotes should be arranged in a numerical order at the bottom of the page cited or the end of a turabian style paper. Numbers preceding footnotes should also be typed above the line in turabian style papers. However, the endnotes in a turabian style paper can be typed on a line followed by a period and double space or in superscript form. These note numbers should be preceded by the part of text that they refer to in the turabian style paper. The shortened form of subsequent citations could be replaced by the Latin (‘ibid’) abbreviation and a page number. This happens if the citations in a turabian style paper fall on the same page as the first citation in any turabian style paper.

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