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The writing of economic papers require that the students has interest in the field that he or she writing about and that he or she abides by the requirements and the instructions that are essential in the writing of economic papers. Just like any other academic paper the first thing to do in preparation for writing economic papers are it select a topic. Topic selection is essential as it is the determinant of the content of the paper. It is also the pointer of the direction that the entire paper is going to take. It is important therefore that student undertaking the task of writing economic papers brainstorm for a while so as to determine the best topic for the papers. Students are advised top try and be as original as possible when determining the topics for their economic papers. A sense of originality draws the attention of the instructor.

Copying ideas from one source to another is wrong and is an indication of the lack of seriousness and creativity on the part of the student. Topic selection for the economic papers should involve researching through previously researched topic and determining the appropriate dimension that the student can look at a situation. The topic should be catchy and should draw the attention of the readers. After selecting the topic the next step in the writing of economic papers is determining the relevant theories and models that can be applied in the papers, the data that may be essential in verifying the stand that is to be taken as well as the problem statements and the presence of adequate literature that can be reviewed.

Economic papers abide by a specific format that students are required to adhere to if they desire to excel in not only the content of the economic papers writing but also the style and format of the paper. first, all economic papers have a title page that is complete with the name of the student, the institution of the student, the title of the economic paper , the instructors name as well as the date in which the paper was submitted. An abstract of not more than three hundred words is then included.

All economic papers begin with an introductory section in which the content that is to be covered in the papers are discussed. The basic problem of the paper is presented as the writer makes the effort to show the significance of the topic as well as the problem. The students should be keen to draw the interest of the readers in the introductory segment as it will determine whether the readers are still interested in reading the paper or not. The literature reviews then follows in the writing of all the economic papers. Since the topic is not entirely new there must be some scholars who have mentioned similar ideas and given their own perspectives and this is what should be indicated in the review. The model to be used as well as the data is then indicated. The data results are then indicated followed by a summary and conclusion. A detailed reference should then be provided for all the economic papers as they act as proof of the content of the paper.

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