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This the best way that tutors check on the student’s comprehension in the biology major. This writings are usually broad  and accommodates various topics .They include biology dissertation, biology term paper and biology thesis  and they range from high school to university and doctoral levels.

Biology papers are not just like any other papers but adhere to the form and style specified in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Biology papers require a lot of precision in its presentation and writing style and the writer should follow the following steps in writing biology papers;

Selecting the right topic for biology papers is the first step. Biology papers are very interesting if the writer has an appropriate topic. The writer must be certain what he wants to investigate, through the internet and journals. The topic should be interesting to the writer of the biology papers .Biology is a vast discipline hence in choosing biology papers topic one should narrow to either botany or zoology topic.

Like others academic papers biology papers starts with foreword, introduction and the executive summary. This introduces the core idea of biology papers and the objective. Good biology papers elaborate concepts systematically.

Biology papers have introductions. These are meant to introduce the readers gradually, acquaint the reader to the importance of the biology paper and intention of defending it. In biology papers the introduction contains the background information, present facts and importance of the paper. The introduction should be double spaced and not more than two pages. In biology papers the introduction are usually written in past tense, ideas are put in paragraph form and must have an hypothesis.

Biology papers also have the materials and method section. This is the simplest part in biology papers writing where the writer describes the materials used in the study, chemicals, specialized biological equipment, and solutions. The writer should show the methodology completely with well documented procedures. The wording should be in third party passive voice and use normal prose to produce quality biology papers.

Biology papers contain the body. This is where the writer discusses the topic in detail. In biology papers it contains experiments provided with sufficient theories. Biology papers are usually quality when written along with illustrations .It is important to give reference for the source of the drawing.

Conclusion in biology papers shows the summary of all the work done. It re emphasizes the most important work done .The conclusion should be strong in the biology papers to leave an impact in the readers.

In biology papers citation is compulsory .This ensures the biology papers are original .It usually have a page of its own and includes all the resources used in the biology papers The citations in biology papers should be in alphabetical order by author, journal citation use the name,volume,year and page numbers.

To produce good biology papers the writer should have a layout and follow it. This will enable the student to be systematic and logical in his presentation hence high grades. Biology papers are easy to write once the writer adheres to the basics

Biology papers writing usually take a lot of time. The writer must be time conscious and should delay up to the last minute this is because when rushing in biology papers the quality of the work is compromised leading to poor biology papers.

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