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Technology paper is a form of a formal academic writing that is used to explain technology and related ideas to both technical and non technical audience is a more comprehensible manner.  This technology papers covers a wide field such as computer software and hardware, aerospace, robotics, chemistry, finance biotechnology and consumer electronics.

The technology paper writers usually gather information from various sources such as existing documentations and from the subject matter experts.  This is because the writers are not subject matter experts but are about creating good technical documentation to produce quality technology papers.

Technology papers are useful in enabling the readers to understand and act on them appropriately.  Good technology papers clarify technical words to make the information clear and easy for the audience.

There are several forms of technology papers which includes the following technology research papers, technology term papers, technology dissertations and technology essays. Technology papers such as technology research papers and technology thesis cannot be just be written by a mere writer it has to be written by a technical writer who has formal technology background or experience.

In writing technology papers the writers must follow the following guidelines;

Technology papers usually have a length restriction.  Most technology papers are not supposed to exceed 9000 words, beyond which it attracts mandatory excess page charge. Most editors of the technology papers usually send back the technology papers to writers if the exceed the length limitation for shortening before commencing any review process on the technology papers.

 The titles of the technology papers must be concise and definitive.  The titles ought to be easily be understood by the reader and should not contain the technical jargon as it tend to confuse the readers of the technology papers.

The Papers should contain the authors name and the institutional affiliation. It is a policy in technology papers writing that all those who have participated significantly in the technical aspects be rewarded as co-authors.  The name consist of the first name, initial and the last name followed by the college or company, address, city, country and contacts (email, telephone and fax).

Completed paper usually have an abstract.  This is the introduction of the technology papers and usually brief.  It gives the objective, scope and results it also provides key words and phrases for indexing and retrieval purposes.  The abstract in technology papers usually highlight the background, method of approach, results and conclusions.

The body of the technology papers has the outline.  This is the frame work upon which the technology papers are written upon.  The ideas are classified and thoughts put in logical manner thus creating good technology papers.

The paper also require careful organization.  The texts are organized in logical parts.  In that the beginning is the introduction, problem, solution, results and finally the writer’s conclusion.

It also contain nomenclature.  It should follow the customary usage that is the nomenclature list should be in alphabetical order, Greek symbols, subscripts and superscripts last.

In writing the paper, the writer should be experienced in technical writing.  The paper should contain accurate in any mathematical, scientific evidence, use of SI units of measurement should be parentheses.  The headings and sub heading should divide the work into logical parts.

In addition in technology papers consideration is given to tabulations, mathematics and figures.  When this are used in technology papers they should be numbered consecutively and must have captions.

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