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For most people, writing presenting or listening at speeches is a daily thing. Either at work, school of social gatherings. There are quite a number of types of them, fro example, graduation, birthday, presidential, corporate, wedding, best man  etc. thought the topics  vary there are tings that they all have in common, their format and mode of presentation.

Having a successful speech largely depend on how adequately you prepared for it. One has to make adequate preparation so hat you can reach the purpose of your presentation. The first step is to select a topic that you will want to speak on. Since giving a speech is a mode of communication, one might have to first of all do a back ground check on the majority of audience expected. Foe example based on age, sex or professionalism. These factors largely affect the language that the speaker will use when addressing the audience. It is common sense that you cannot address an audience of children the same way you address an audience of adults.

Speakers before preparing a speech should also collect as much information as possible about the topic in discussion. It is normally very embarrassing for speakers to go mum in the middle of a speech forcing them to leave a stage. This is not normally a good thing especially if one is viewed as a leader in by a certain group of people. To avoid this, speakers normally draft papers that they use as guidelines to what they are going to say. However, the efficiency of these speeches still depends on the speaker since they are the ones who formulate the words that carry a message to the audience.

Another way of preparing for a speech is outlining the points one is going to talk about. During an event, one may assume this for first time speakers and in experience ones. Even for good speakers, outlining points is an important factor to consider. This is normally to give flow to spoken words given and to avoid confusion and repetition. There are times when speakers during a speech repeat points they had said earlier on. This really bores the audience, therefore losing the speakers attention. By so doing, the purpose of giving the speech may not be fully reached and one may be branded a poor speaker.

When writing a speech, what one should always keep in mind is how to attract the attention of the audience. This can be done through captivating the interest of the audience. This can be through, narrating a tale, using metaphorical language, asking rhetorical questions etc. it is mostly done as one introduces the speech to the audience. At this juncture, depending on how the speaking introduces the session, the audience may decide to give or not to give attention to the speaker.

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