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Speech writing has become a common assignment among students. Speeches can be of different types. One of these types is the informative speech. The purpose of informative presentations is usually to inform that audience about a specific issue or topic. When preparing for an informative presentation you need to include only facts about the issues at hand. Personal opinions and suggestion are usually not necessary when presenting an informative presentation. All you need to do is to lay out the facts about the issue at hand in a clear and concise manner and leave the audience to ponder on the facts.

The second type of speech is the argumentative speech. This type of presentation usually presents an issue that is contentious to the audience. The issue at hand should raise controversial views on both sides. A good example of an issue that would become a suitable topic for an argumentative presentation is whether same sex marriages should be legalized. This is controversial topic that is likely to draw opinion in support as well as in opposition. 

When making a presentation on such a topic you need to present arguments for both sides. You need to state benefits of legalizing same sex marriage as well as explain the disadvantages of legalizing in. You will also need to take a stand on the issue at hand. After giving the fact about advantage and disadvantages of legalizing same sex marriages you will need to state if you are for or against legalization and explain why your position is the most suitable.

The third speech type is the Persuasive speech. The purpose of persuasive speech presentations is usually to convince the audience to adopt your point of view concerning a particular issue. In such kind of presentation you need to introduce the issue to your audience and explain why this issue is important. You then state your position on the issue at hand and the bulk of your presentation should be directed towards support your point of view. Unlike the argumentative speech, you will only include a discussion of points that support your view point in the persuasive speech. You may also include argument that oppose you view point if you can be able to disapprove these points.

The key to make best speech presentation lies on your preparation. You need to make adequate preparation for your presentations. This includes selecting a topic your presentation, gathering materials, making an outline and writing down the presentation. Making all these preparation requires a great deal of time, skills and expertise making this task challenging to good number of students.

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